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Ambary Health company principles are simple.  Spend more of our revenue on our research & development and ensure the highest quality, purity and strength in our final products.  Spend less money on fancy advertising, sales commissions and high priced packaging.  Keep 100% of the money we invest in local sourcing and purchase products only grown, hemp extracted and manufactured in the United States.  In turn we are able to offer the high quality, ORGANIC product at a lower price to our consumers.  Of course we need to maintain funding to grow our operations and continue to manufacture our high quality products, but we would rather keep the prices so low that we make $1 from 1 million people vs. take $10 from 100,000 people and offer a pretty looking, substandard product that is not any more effective than your everyday hemp oil.  At Ambary Health, we are family owned and operated and work closely with all of our distributors to ensure the availability of our products are delivered at the best possible prices both domestically and internationally.  Please check out our Facebook page for additional testimonials directly from our customers!  We also welcome reviews, testimonials about how our products have impacted your daily life!


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*These statements have not been formally evaluated by the FDA. Ambary Health products are not intended to treat or cure any known condition. It is advised before taking any supplements that you consult with a physician.