Meet Our Team

Jimmy Shannon : COO-Shannon Holdings

Jimmy Shannon

COO-Shannon Holdings

Jimmy Shannon is a cofounder and primary decision maker at Ambary Health. Born In Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy (USAFA), Jimmy is a Colorado native. Relocated to Oklahoma City, OK in 2011 Jimmy was employed and ran global business development operations for a private software organization and has proudly served 27 years in the contact center industry before opening a local retail store in 2013. After a trip to the ER went terribly wrong, Jimmy spent 26 days in the hospital battling a fever as high as 107 degrees. Being released thereafter, began having severe panic attacks within months due to damage caused to the brain. Although brain function today is completely normal aside of PTSD, Jimmy found that CBD oil addressed the anxiety and panic attacks very effectively. In 2015 Ambary Health was born with the intention of delivering an organic, hemp derived, USA grown, USA organically processed, law abiding Hemp oil dietary supplement line containing only active molecule CBD (not the inactive CBDa found in the greatest majority of "CBD" products available in all states). Jimmy has worked with Oklahoma law makers, state regulatory agencies and local police municipalities to ensure the RIGHT education is taking place on the topic of non-psychoactive CBD products.

Shelly Lovelis : Sr Marketing Director

Shelly Lovelis

Sr Marketing Director

Shelly is our Sr Marketing Director at Ambary Health. She found her passion for CBD when a slew of medications left her in a fog and she was searching for an alternative. She has since been driven to educate the masses on the benefits of CBD and how it could benefit almost everyone. When she isn't hard at work for Ambary Health, Shelly enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, knitting, playing video games, baking, cooking, and reading.

Justice Williamson : Business Development Professional

Justice Williamson

Business Development Professional

Justice Williamson is a Business Development professional here at Ambary Health. When not at work his hobbies are PC construction, Performance Mechanics, Photo/Video editing, and playing a variety of musical instruments. His passion for CBD has roots in family, some of which have had many health conditions that Ambary’s CBD helped with. His passion to help people with the use of CBD is what drives him to come to work everyday to learn and better understand the power of the hemp plants and the positive effect they have on humanity.

Odaira Arens : Business Development Professional

Odaira Arens

Business Development Professional

Odaira Arens is a business development professional at Ambary Health. Her passion for CBD grew when she learned it would be a natural more beneficial approach of caring for her anxiety. Since then, she’s been driven in educating herself as well as others on the many health benefits CBD has to offer, When not at work, her hobbies include visiting museums going on road trips gardening and photography

Ryan Curtis : Business Development Manager

Ryan Curtis

Business Development Manager

Ryan Curtis is the business development manager for Ambary Health. He is currently attending college at Oklahoma City Community College for a degree in business management. Ryan was born and raised in Norman, OK and has been living there his entire life. He is an avid fan of the University of Oklahoma football team, and plans to attend OU after his degree at OCCC. He loves dogs and loves the fact that his job allows to help dogs with health issues. Ryan has always loved to help people out where ever he can, which is a big reason he joined the team at Ambary Health. He hopes to make a difference in peoples’ lives while working at Ambary and would love to see his work have long-lasting effects for everybody for years to come.