If you are unsure about trying CBD, take a look at our testimonials:


Love the products. I just started using the products and see an amazing difference. My testimony will be posted.

Shyanne B.


“I have insomnia and I used the CBD sleep aid and I was asleep within the hour! This stuff works.”

Dillon J.


“The salve has saved my back like nothing else! Keep up the great work!”

Tristan J.


“The tea works wonders for my IBS induced stomach problems. It’s not only delicious but alleviates my pain unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

Carson H.


“This really works. My wife had bad headaches and stomach pains, using CBD oil and tea her headaches have all but went away and no stomach pains. I’m impressed.”

Jimmy G.


“The tea helped me out with my back from my car wreck I am 100% please with Ambary I had earl grey but they are all awesome!”

Ryan P.


“This works very well for easing severe thyroid symptoms, anxiety, and also eases the pain of TMJ. This had made me feel so much better.”

Jean C.


“As someone who suffers from PTSD, I have tried various medications and numerous ways to calm my anxiety. Everything from my shakes, past memories, chest pains and hyperventilating, their CBD oil is a miracle. Just on my first hit from my tank, I could feel my body relaxing, my shakes would come to a stop, my thoughts would become calm and coherent again, and my breathing would settle. I often times get headaches from overthinking, the CBD oil soothes my headache and calms my thinking process. I would highly recommend their products to anyone who suffers from PTSD or any other anxiety disorder. And, none of the CBD products interfere with any medications that I am on.”

Nick M.


“The Earl grey tea was awesome! It not only tastes great and relaxed my neck and shoulder tension but I was very surprised how well I sleep!! I think everyone should give @ambary health products a try.”

Quinn M.


“Our 3 yr old just started using CBD oil 3 days ago and we are seeing a difference in her. She has severe ADHD.”

Tammy O.H.


“I’m very very pleased with Ambary Health products! I started out using the lotion for tense neck and shoulders. In a matter of minutes, I had immense relief! Then, when I read one of the reviews about TMJ pain relief, I decided to massage the oil into my jaw muscles. I grind my teeth at night and wear a splint to protect my teeth from breaking and wake up with a very tired, aching jaw. After massaging the CBD oil, the muscles relaxed and have remained in a relaxed state all day! I’m not finding myself clinching my teeth throughout the day! I’m a believer and will be using the oil morning and night!”

Dayna L.S.